Space Fleet

Not technically Oldhammer or 15mm, but I thought Space Fleet would deserve it's own page on this blog. Here will be a collection of my blog posts relating to the game, along with useful links.


This page on BGG lists the White Dwarf articles for Space Fleet. In summary:

  • 139: Rules for larger fleets. New ships: Emperor Capital Ship, Gothic Battleship, Ironclad Battleship, Firestorm Cruiser, Cobra Destroyer, Castellan Shield Ship; Eldar Wraithship.
  • 140: New Ships:  Dominator Battleship, Tyrant Battleship, Galaxy Troop Ship, Goliath Factory Ship; Eldar Shadowhunter.
  • 141: Scenario System, Rules for Flagships. New Ships: Annihilator Battleship, Dictator Battleship, Thunderbolt Cruiser, & Stalwart Escort Ship.
  • 146: Rules for Tyranids. New Ships:  Hiveship, Dark Prowler, Drone, Wardrone, Deathburner Kraken, Doomripper Kraken, Ramsmiter Kraken, Hellblaster Kraken, Spore Mines, & Void Fiend.
  • 147: New Ship:  Constellation Targeting Ship. 
I will aim to review all of these articles in due course.

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