Thursday, 30 April 2015

Why this blog?

Welcome to my new blog! I decided recently to undertake a whole new project, inspired by pictures in the original Warhammer Siege book. Within this venerated and ancient text lie many fine photographs depicting epic assaults against mighty fortresses. These instantly captured my imagination, but I knew I could never recreate such a thing myself. Or could I?

I pondered the possibility of playing Warhammer in 15mm. I've already got some figures I intend to paint up for Rogue Trader in this scale, so why not it's sister game? The tipping point was finding some of the pictures of Bretonnian regiments I remember in old issues of White Dwarf. What if I could aim to recreate these in 15mm? It soon started to sound like a fine plan! Most of the old units were of reasonable size, so it would not be too expensive to do this. There were also plenty of ads for Marauder Miniatures in old WDs where you could buy a whole army or allied contingent. These immediately gave me more goals to recreate in 15mm.

So what will this blog cover? My aim is to embrace the Oldhammer spirit, but in a smaller scale. Within this broad aim lie the following goals:

  • Recreate the units shown in White Dwarf using 15mm, especially Bretonnian ones. 
  • Report games of 3rd Edition Warhammer using the above figures. 
  • Embrace the modern variety of 15mm sci-fi figures and use them for Rogue Trader. 
  • Retain small armies of my existing 28mm Warhammer forces and report on games of 4th Edition with them. 
  • Ruminate profusely on the issues of transitioning my growing armies between 3rd and 4th/5th Edition!
  • And generally chat about anything related that comes to my mind. 

So if the above sounds like fun to you, welcome on board. I can't guarantee how frequently I will be able to post, but the game is afoot and I hope to post again soon!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Great stuff mate. Really looking forward to seeing the progress. And playing some games!

  2. Hi Chris,

    Welcome to the world of 15mm fantasy, I love this scale for fantasy mass battle and have quite a large and ever growing collection.

    Which figures are you looking at using? I have cherry picked from many makers and there are new ones coming out that I will be adding to the collection.

    I look forward to your progress.

    1. Hi Warren

      Thanks for your comment. I've been a way which is why I'm so late in responding!

      At the moment I am building a Bretonnian army using figures from Essex Miniatures. I've got my eye on 15mm,, Splintered Light, Khurusan and Magister Militum for various other bits and pieces but no firm plans yet.

      Before this, my 15mm fantasy games were mainly Hordes of the Things and I prefer painting that scale so decided to take the plunge and use it for battles needing more figures!